Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My holiday hostess' wish list!

I think I mentioned in a past post that I'm hosting the holiday dinners this year, which I have been doing for years now! It literally takes me seven days of scheduled "to-do's" to pull it off, three days of cleaning, moving furniture out and in and setting up extra tables, one day shopping and three days of cooking. So,  it's this time every year that I start getting phone calls and texts asking "what can I get you and what can I bring?"  Hoping to make it easier for all those asking I'm telling them they can find my wish list here this year!

 My first wish would be a gorgeous apron
Auntie M Boutique 

 With all the cooking that I do, I go through aprons and pot holders! It's always nice to have clean changes handy and just how glam will I feel cooking  in this with a set of matching pot holders! I hope my kids are paying attention here!!

Another great idea would be a scrapbook album for all the pictures of our holiday gatherings. I just love this lil' snowman!

Detailed 4U Collections by Jacque4u2c 

Also!!! Here is the THOUGHTFUL gift that no one ever seems to think of. After spending so much time in the kitchen cooking, washing dishes and the repeated hand-washes my hands get so dried out and red ...  here's a go to place for this prefect gift   Forget Me Not Soap Shop


This is solid lotion in a tin! I love it! How uniquely beautiful! You can choose from a list of scents, the White tea and Ginger sounds heavenly! Add a simple handmade card with a thoughtful note and this would be the gift to remember! 

Paper Creations by Laura  has some really beautiful cards if you don't have time to make your own...

Another really great idea would be a gift basket with a pretty vintage tea cup and a sampler of holiday teas, a little silver spoon with a pretty ribbon!
KweenBee  has some really beautiful vintage tea cups! 

Add some Gingerbread tea cakes!!!   Spirit Bear Creations

Last but NOT least...a hug and promise that we will do it again next year (God willing) !


Catlyn (Cizz)


  1. I really hope you get at least one thing on your list, but all of them would definitely be better!


  2. Love your wishes, Catlyn! Yes.....check out this book and then let me know your thoughts! Thank you for stopping by. Happy Holidays!

  3. You've chosen some really wonderful items for your list. Wishing you and your family a lovely holiday!

  4. Thanks so much for featuring one of my Paper Bag Albums! They are just so much fun to fill with pictures and then the tags are fun to journal on or add more pics. I love the rest of your list too! I have blogged about your blog on my blog today - whew, what a mouth full!!!! LOL!