Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My holiday hostess' wish list!

I think I mentioned in a past post that I'm hosting the holiday dinners this year, which I have been doing for years now! It literally takes me seven days of scheduled "to-do's" to pull it off, three days of cleaning, moving furniture out and in and setting up extra tables, one day shopping and three days of cooking. So,  it's this time every year that I start getting phone calls and texts asking "what can I get you and what can I bring?"  Hoping to make it easier for all those asking I'm telling them they can find my wish list here this year!

 My first wish would be a gorgeous apron
Auntie M Boutique 

 With all the cooking that I do, I go through aprons and pot holders! It's always nice to have clean changes handy and just how glam will I feel cooking  in this with a set of matching pot holders! I hope my kids are paying attention here!!

Another great idea would be a scrapbook album for all the pictures of our holiday gatherings. I just love this lil' snowman!

Detailed 4U Collections by Jacque4u2c 

Also!!! Here is the THOUGHTFUL gift that no one ever seems to think of. After spending so much time in the kitchen cooking, washing dishes and the repeated hand-washes my hands get so dried out and red ...  here's a go to place for this prefect gift   Forget Me Not Soap Shop


This is solid lotion in a tin! I love it! How uniquely beautiful! You can choose from a list of scents, the White tea and Ginger sounds heavenly! Add a simple handmade card with a thoughtful note and this would be the gift to remember! 

Paper Creations by Laura  has some really beautiful cards if you don't have time to make your own...

Another really great idea would be a gift basket with a pretty vintage tea cup and a sampler of holiday teas, a little silver spoon with a pretty ribbon!
KweenBee  has some really beautiful vintage tea cups! 

Add some Gingerbread tea cakes!!!   Spirit Bear Creations

Last but NOT least...a hug and promise that we will do it again next year (God willing) !


Catlyn (Cizz)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

We have a winner!!! Results for the "Warmth in a bag" Thanksgiving giveaway!

Blessings'   I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanks so much to everyone that entered the giveaway and blogged about it! I'm so excited to announce the winner, we had thirteen to enter the contest with thirty-one numbers...Random.org picked number fourteen!



Sherry ...7-10


Marcia... 13









Congratulations Julie!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tis' the Season..

I don't know about anyone else but I'm so getting the decorating and shopping fever! Our family tradition is that we give all due thankfulness for Thanksgiving day and wait until at least Thanksgiving evening when we are all stuffed with turkey and pumpkin pie, to consider the Christmas decor being unpacked. But after doing my new Christmas banners for the blog and studio I am just so ready to get the season going!! I WANNA SHOP -N- DECORATE NOW!!! But..my youngest son is such a bubble buster! In all my "can we pleazzzzz" he stands firm on reminding me that we have eighteen family members and friends coming for Thanksgiving and they are expecting thankfulness in the form of turkey, pumpkin and pilgrim decor and oh yeah..in the form of the biggest dinner I will have to cook all year long! I haven't even considered the menu so time will have to be made for that before this weekend is over, everyone has to have their favorites or they feel so left out, turtle cheese cake, sausage balls, cheese balls, veggie casserole, roasted potatoes and mashed potatoes, yams...etc...etc.. It would really be nice if just two or three could decide they have the same favorites! Okay, enough of my whine..

I have managed to add a few Christmas items to my studio and surprise, they aren't handbags and purses! I love this tassel kissing ball, it has a vintage drapery tassel it hangs by! It is so sweet!

I just love all the pink!

I'm doing free shipping on all items in my studio for the Holiday season, special ends Dec. 31st!

If you haven't registered for the 'warmth in a bag' giveaway, there is still time to! Dead line for entries is Nov. 25th Thanksgiving day, the winner will be picked by Random.org on Nov. 26th !



Monday, November 15, 2010

New purses and new kitty!

First let me share with everyone the news of Ms. Chloe cat becoming a new mom! Well, more like foster mom, Chloe has never been able to have kittens, she never fully developed into an adult size cat either people think she is still just a kitten, forever young! Yesterday I rescued another abandoned kitten, someone just tossed the little baby out, (SHAME ON WHOEVER! had such a cold heart!) The lil' kitty was hiding in the bushes  where I work and crying non-stop, of all places this is a rural area where hunting dogs run loose everyday, so I knew I couldn't just leave the little bugger and he/she (not sure yet) was terrified and would not come out of the boxwood bushes, so after a pair of gloves and major crawling around on my knees fighting the thickets I managed to drag the smoke gray blue eyed beauty out by a leg only to get myself bit through the glove! But it was so worth it!

I got the little rascal home (wasn't hard at all to drive with 20 little pin size claws stuck into my shoulder!) where Ms. Chloe was waiting on the front porch for me as usual. When I showed her the lil' kitty, it was like she thought the stork had dropped it off for her! Chloe went into all kinds of cat talking and took this little kitten to her side, bathing it and cuddling with it. Last year our neighbors husky had puppies and Ms.Chloe actually tried to mother these puppies that were five times her size, so I knew she would love the baby!  She has secured her safe place for kitty and took up her roll as mom already...it's really hard to get any good pictures right now with Ms. Chloe hoovering, she won't go more than maybe four feet away from baby..here she is coaching baby around the house...


She is such a good mommy!

Okay, I have some new purses to share...

This first bag is so fun! Pink flamingos, I love the whimsical stuff!

The second bag I have fallen in love with! Its so Barn Chick!

And the third bag is a beauty! Victorian with the most lush cotton shades of green trim!

If you haven't registered for the 'warmth in a bag' giveaway, there is still time to! Dead line for entries is Nov. 25th Thanksgiving day, the winner will be picked by Random.org on Nov. 26th !

Many Blessings'


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm loving the leopard prints!

I got so lucky when I found two yrds of this satin leopard print! But...now I'm sitting here with only a two inch by four inch piece left, oh and one really, really tiny strip about one inch long...BUT! I do have some beautiful purses to show you now...

I've showed this first one before,

The second one..

And the third bag...

You can find all three of these handbags featured in my Artfire Studio.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Catlyn (CB) labels by Dianne!

Oh' what wondrous things the FedEx man brings! I was so excited Friday evening when I arrived home after such a long day and found that I had a package waiting on me! I had to grab a seat and sit down when I seen where the package came from, ClothingLabels4U !!!!  Oh, what joy, sister Dianne had worked so hard and long on the design for my labels, she is just an unbelievable artist! I don't know what I did to be blessed with such an awesome sister, but Lord knows I love her dearly and pray to have a heart just half as good as hers.  With the fine details sister had put into this design I had wondered if  any company would be able to do justice to her design and capture the whole scope of all the beauty she had created in such a small space. I believe this company achieved just that...I only wished my photographic skills and camera could do the same!