Monday, November 15, 2010

New purses and new kitty!

First let me share with everyone the news of Ms. Chloe cat becoming a new mom! Well, more like foster mom, Chloe has never been able to have kittens, she never fully developed into an adult size cat either people think she is still just a kitten, forever young! Yesterday I rescued another abandoned kitten, someone just tossed the little baby out, (SHAME ON WHOEVER! had such a cold heart!) The lil' kitty was hiding in the bushes  where I work and crying non-stop, of all places this is a rural area where hunting dogs run loose everyday, so I knew I couldn't just leave the little bugger and he/she (not sure yet) was terrified and would not come out of the boxwood bushes, so after a pair of gloves and major crawling around on my knees fighting the thickets I managed to drag the smoke gray blue eyed beauty out by a leg only to get myself bit through the glove! But it was so worth it!

I got the little rascal home (wasn't hard at all to drive with 20 little pin size claws stuck into my shoulder!) where Ms. Chloe was waiting on the front porch for me as usual. When I showed her the lil' kitty, it was like she thought the stork had dropped it off for her! Chloe went into all kinds of cat talking and took this little kitten to her side, bathing it and cuddling with it. Last year our neighbors husky had puppies and Ms.Chloe actually tried to mother these puppies that were five times her size, so I knew she would love the baby!  She has secured her safe place for kitty and took up her roll as mom's really hard to get any good pictures right now with Ms. Chloe hoovering, she won't go more than maybe four feet away from she is coaching baby around the house...


She is such a good mommy!

Okay, I have some new purses to share...

This first bag is so fun! Pink flamingos, I love the whimsical stuff!

The second bag I have fallen in love with! Its so Barn Chick!

And the third bag is a beauty! Victorian with the most lush cotton shades of green trim!

If you haven't registered for the 'warmth in a bag' giveaway, there is still time to! Dead line for entries is Nov. 25th Thanksgiving day, the winner will be picked by on Nov. 26th !

Many Blessings'



  1. What a heartwarming story of your cute little kitties! Love the pretty purses!


  2. That is so precious!! Good job Miss. Chloe!!

    Sister the bagz are wonderful!! Each so uniquely beautiful!!

  3. What a sweet story about your kitty Chloe and the new kitten. I'm sure they'll be wonderful companions for each other and you. We rescued a kitten a few years ago as well. Our original cat, prissy Missy, didn't take kindly to finding someone new sleeping on the sofa. She's okay now, tho certainly not motherly.

    Tho purses are real beauties. Love the barn chick one.

  4. Catlyn....your handbags are just beautiful! We had a cat that looked alot like Chloe....such fond memories. Chloe is a sweety! Thank you for stopping by and leaving that kind comment!

  5. Gorgeous purses!
    And good for you saving that sweet little fur baby, there's special place in heaven for people like you. :-)


  6. God bless you for taking in that little beauty. The baby looks like the shadow of the "new" mommy.

    Your purses are fabulous!