Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tis' the Season..

I don't know about anyone else but I'm so getting the decorating and shopping fever! Our family tradition is that we give all due thankfulness for Thanksgiving day and wait until at least Thanksgiving evening when we are all stuffed with turkey and pumpkin pie, to consider the Christmas decor being unpacked. But after doing my new Christmas banners for the blog and studio I am just so ready to get the season going!! I WANNA SHOP -N- DECORATE NOW!!! youngest son is such a bubble buster! In all my "can we pleazzzzz" he stands firm on reminding me that we have eighteen family members and friends coming for Thanksgiving and they are expecting thankfulness in the form of turkey, pumpkin and pilgrim decor and oh the form of the biggest dinner I will have to cook all year long! I haven't even considered the menu so time will have to be made for that before this weekend is over, everyone has to have their favorites or they feel so left out, turtle cheese cake, sausage balls, cheese balls, veggie casserole, roasted potatoes and mashed potatoes, yams...etc...etc.. It would really be nice if just two or three could decide they have the same favorites! Okay, enough of my whine..

I have managed to add a few Christmas items to my studio and surprise, they aren't handbags and purses! I love this tassel kissing ball, it has a vintage drapery tassel it hangs by! It is so sweet!

I just love all the pink!

I'm doing free shipping on all items in my studio for the Holiday season, special ends Dec. 31st!

If you haven't registered for the 'warmth in a bag' giveaway, there is still time to! Dead line for entries is Nov. 25th Thanksgiving day, the winner will be picked by on Nov. 26th !




  1. I have to agree with your son on this one-Let Thanksgiving have it's day, and the day after, let it be Christmas! But I do have to say that I love your kissing ball and it definitely puts you in the Christmas spirit!!


  2. I have always felt like I had to wait as well. But I was reading someone's post where they go ahead and decorate before their dinner. They said the next day they bake cookies with grandma and since the house is all decorated it is much more relaxing. Her house was in all whites and she used simple greens for decorating. I thought what a pleasant atmosphere for Thanksgiving as well. So next year I will go ahead and decorate. Our Thanksgiving dinner here is tomorrow. You bet I will be decorating as soon as everyone leaves.

  3. Oh how sweet, I haven't seen a kissing ball for ages! (and no, I don't mean from the first time around.) They're Victorian era, right? I'm trying to remember the significance of it, same as mistletoe, I believe.

  4. Hi Catlyn!!!
    Girl, you raised a good son and I totally agree with him about celebrating THANKSGIVING without the hint of Christmas!!!! If it weren't for my tour of homes ordeal, everything would be pumpkins and turkey.
    Now to the aaaaahhhhh stuff...I LOVE that ornament! You are so talented girl!!!! And I must say, I love the snowflake ;)
    As for Chloe...she's such a lucky cat. You are so good to rescue her and nurse her from a broken hip and now you bring her a little bundle of joy. It's soooo looks like a little ghost kitten :) What did you name her/him? I guess you kind of have to wait until you find "what" it is, right?
    I'm buried under garland and glitter so if I don't talk to you again before Thanksgiving...have a happy one and enjoy each and every little blessing :)))

  5. Hello Catlyn... all of your new creations are so pretty! I just love all of your beautiful purses too... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. I made a large "ornament", very victorian, several years ago. I never thought it was a kissing ball but after looking at your picture I have decided that from this day forward it will be our "kissing ball" I had always wondered why when I cross stitched it and followed the directions to put it together it was so large. Your creations are lovely. I too am looking forward to decorating.

  7. Hi Catlyn, I love all of your Christmas creations, their gorgeous!!! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Blessings~~~ Daphne