Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Precious memories!

My nephew past away two years ago today,  I have spent the day thinking about him and all the wonderful memories I have of him. His 'paw paw'  nicknamed him 'tadpole' when he was a toddler and it turned out to be a great name for him, he grew up loving to fish. When he was around seven or eight yrs old we bought him a fisher price toy fishing rod, you know the kind with the big plastic hook and five or six plastic fish with hooped mouths for hooking them. Well, the little rascal decided he would sneak into paw paw's tackle box and get himself some real fishing line and a real hook! He actually managed to tie the line and hook on, then he grabs some corn and headed off for the pier where to our surprise he caught an eight inch big mouth bass with that toy!  Dad had the fish stuffed and mounted for him and thus began his love affair with the water and fishing.

Here is his favorite fishing hole, the Yadkin River!

Les grew up to be an awesome young man with the tenderest of hearts that laughed with you in the happy and cried with you in the sad. I'm so blessed,  the last time I was with him, two weeks before the accident, I told him how much I love him and how awesome I found him to be, his blushing smile in that moment is the most precious memory I have of him. Don't let the day go by that you don't tell those you love just how much you do and look at them, really look at them and cherish the moment.

Hugs' ~n~ Blessings

First picture credited to Cascade Highlands, second to Rand McNally 'On the Road', third to

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  1. So sorry to hear of your loss. Memories are wonderful things that can keep our loved ones alive in our hearts. It sounds like you have some great memories of him! I am glad you were able to tell him that you loved him before he passed and I am sure he knows you still love him and miss him very much!