Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tea cups and Diaries...

Hi everyone!
I just had to share these sweet little tea cups I found, they were two little loners sitting on a shelf in our locate thrift store and I couldn't pass them up, the evergreen and pine cones are just adorable. There were no matching saucers for them but after looking through the strays I did find two prefect little saucers that go so well with them! I'm hoping to do a prettier setting with them, these were quick snap shots I did while photographing the new "Diary Journals" for my shop.

Here are a few shoots of the new journals, I really like making these diary journals, maybe it has something to do with my love and addiction for recording my personal thoughts every night! I used an assortment of med. and heavy weight paper in the journals for the added feature of  heavy card stock for scrap-booking.

I'm truly disappointed with the photos of this one! I could not capture the awesome color blends...I'll have to try to get better pictures of it outside in the natural light, it's just gorgeous with the pastels and then the bold trim added!


  1. I love the pine cones on the teacups! Your journals are fun too!! Happy Thursday!


  2. I friend collects teacups and I love finding her beautiful ones like this one. Your journals are so awesome! I have been having the same problem lately with my pictures they just are not capturing the colors the way I would like them too.

  3. Your journals are so pretty!! I collect tea cups too. I wouldn't have been able to pass those two up either!