Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Vintage Favorites!

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I was suppose to be working on organizing and cleaning my little studio today, that just isn't going to happen.  Especially now that I have ran across some of my favorite pretties, I'll just log this day as a "rummage my stash" day.

I found these old vintage pens and pencils! I just adore the old refillable pencils, they are so small and dainty..

This was one of my grandfather's ink pens and it looks well used...

And the scarf! I love vintage scarves, this one belonged to my grandmother, I don't ever remember seeing her wear it but I do remember her opening her purse and showing me everything she carried in it, she said it was a must to always have a pretty scarf tucked into your purse just in case the weather turned "unforgiving" and threatened to mess your hair up..

 Oh, and the old rotary dial phone! My sons and their friends are just so amazed with this phone, I've had to plug it in and let each one take a turn calling someone on it! I've never seen teenagers so amazed and memorized by simply using their fingers to spin the dial and then the excitement of watching the dial slowly return to its position. And why each child thought they needed to yell into the phone, OMG! JUST HILARIOUS!  I think this phone has out done the video games around here!  I'm not about to tell them that dial phones are all I knew growing up, jeez I'm getting old..

Okay, one last pretty for tea keeper! I love this little tin, so romantic..

Thank you for dropping by and visiting with me!

Big Hugs'


  1. I love the story of your grandma and her scarf-I might have to start carrying one because it makes sense! We had an old rotary pay phone on our patio growing up and it was always a conversation piece!!


  2. What beautiful treasures! The scarf is absolutely stunning ~ she certainly had the right idea keeping that handy. I just love the phone, too, and the pens.

  3. Beautiful treasures ..I cannot believe that phone! Thank you for coming by...

  4. What a great story and the treasures behind the story are priceless.

    Thanks for stopping by the Old Parsonage. I so enjoyed your visit!


  5. you are so lucky to have great treasures from your grandpa!