Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday!

Hi everyone,

I hope your week has been blessed and beautiful. It's Saturday so take a deep breath and slow yourself down, what better way to end the week than to take a moment to reflect on all the positive and wonderful things in our lives, family, friends, even the enormous amount of snow that some of us are getting can be an awesome thing..."did you make snow cream!" What a wonderful tasty memory that would make, add a couple drops of red food coloring and you'll have a tasty pink memory from this winter.

Here is some fun pink news! Sissie is having an awesome giveaway that I don't think you'll want to miss. How sweet is this pillow, I feel pampered just looking at it and "can a girl really have too many tea cups"...Of course not, that was a silly question!

Sissie has also added this beautiful art work by  Lisa Galameau making this one fabulous giveaway!

So don't miss out on your chance to win,  visit her blog at  Sissie's Shabby Cottage , and leave a comment under the giveaway post.

Okay here is my PINK for the week! Another new tea cup and Oh my goodness, Mr. H said if I don't stop collecting them he is going to move into the garage...that's fine as long as he doesn't get near my other china stored out there!

Mr. H just does not understand! This pink-a-ful little beauty came with it's own little matching box! You would think men could grasp the beauty of this...their Dewalt drills and saws come in those nice manly looking black and yellow cases!

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting with me!
For more pink wonderfulness visit Beverly at "How Sweet The Sound", she is such a wonderful host.

Big hugs' and wishes for your coming week to be filled with blessings of all the things you love



  1. How wonderful that your beautiful tea cup came with a matching box-perfect!! You are right about the men, they just don't get it!! Happy Pink Saturday!


  2. Fabulous collections Catlyn!
    You have one lovely blog. I will be back.
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Enjoy your weekend.


  3. This post is beautiful and as a collector of teacups, I am in love with yours. Happy Pink Saturday sweet one and have a wonderful weekend, Char

  4. What a beautiful chintz cup! You must have a wonderful collection. Happy Pink!

  5. so many pretties and I understand about them!! =0) I think that we should surround ourselves with beauty - especially if its pink!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Beautiful post thank you for sharing,HPS.

  7. Your blog is just lovely, sugar. Soft, serene and gentle. Things I love. Nice to meet you.

  8. That was too funny. Had to read it to hubby so he would think I was wonderful..sorry dear...have to do that sometimes.

  9. Catlyn, your rose chintz is just gorgeous & such a delicate pattern. I love it.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  10. Hi Catlyn,
    I really appreciate the shout out on my giveaway!
    How sweet of you and I hope you win!

    I love your sweet teacup set with the matching box, how cute is that!

    big hugs and Happy Pink Saturday.


  11. So pretty and will check out the give away...your blog is lovely.

  12. Oooooh, such great pink goodness ! Thanks for sharing - I especially love the box !!!!

    Happy Pink Saturday... so glad you stopped by Lavender Hill !


  13. Hi Cizz,
    I am glad you visited me for Pink Saturday. I like flowery teacups too. Thanks for sharing...monah

  14. Pink and Chintz ~ two of my absolutely favorite things on the planet. What a beautiful post. I love the music too. Heartwarming and loving.

    Have a wonderful Spiritual Sunday.

    xo Cathy