Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weathering the storms with grace and elegance...'for all my sisters'

I had hoped to do this post for "Pink Saturday" but just couldn't wait!  This is one of those precious gems of a reminder that shows up at just the right moment when things seem so chaotic and out of control, those times when we feel truly graceless and there is nothing elegant about us or the situations that we find our selves in. It is  in these moments that our true beauty comes through and we learn to stand poised with the charm of calmness knowing this to shall pass...

After the tornadoes and storms that hit our area yesterday I went to check out the damage done outside and my attention was drawn to this braided hibiscus...after all the wind and rain it had to weather this one little flower struggling to remain poised with drooping rain drop heavy pedals...There were houses torn apart and vehicles over turned, trees up rooted and power lines down, but yet this one little flower, although drooping with heaviness,  remained poised in pink elegance... "The blessed strength of womanhood"


The day after the storm..."Sisterhood Blooms"

The little flower that weathered the storm has closed her pedals and laid over to rest but not before she knows her sister has bloomed with that same strength of  'grace and elegance'...

Hugs and Love to all my sisters!


  1. What a beautiful post! I love your hibiscus it's gorgeous... sorry to hear about the bad weather, hope everyone is oka. We had really bad weather last week and ended up in the storm shelter! I wanted to thank you for your visit and for joining as a follower, I will join here too as soon as I am able, I can't seem to join anyone's blog or add anyone to mine blog roll right now, as soon as I get the problem figured out I will join you also. Blessings~~ Daphne

  2. Oh she is beautiful. Isn't funny to see what is left after the storms of our lives. Hugs. Tammy

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