Saturday, October 9, 2010

Repair and facelift...Yiks!

Okay, doing a check over of the bags I have made, "Eye of the Tiger" sadly was not found in tip top shape.

The beaded strap on this beauty needed repairs so I was left with the decision of making a new strap or seeing if the beaded strap could be repaired. I opted for new strap and went forward with taking the bag apart..completely! Which is heart breaking, I had saved that strap for years in hopes of finding just the right materials for the handbag to grace it make long story short, my sentimental heart just would not give up on this lil' strap and after dismantling the whole bag, we fixed the strap! Even stress tested it with a 'tug of war'...but!  I now have to put the bag back together..I'm now looking at it and wondering, "can I make it better?"  I think I I will post pictures of the new "Eye of the Tiger" in just a few days...

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