Sunday, October 24, 2010


The one thing I have found true and trust worthy in this world..."change"

Everything changes, nothing in the this world stays the same, it's a world in motion! When we are young it is so hard to see the changes and just how fast they come n' go. We spend our youth complaining and praying for change to come faster, our thinking has us believing things will never change, then by middle age the realization that we have spent our youth in a whirl wind of constant change catches up to us so our complaints and prayers change to "please slow this world down! I don't want to change!"

I have spent the last 20 or so yrs. collecting books, history books, science books, language books, biographies...all kinds of books, fiction and non fiction, thousands of books, not hundreds but thousands! All crammed into one room no bigger than ??? maybe 10' or 12  x 14 or 16'...and what's more I crammed my sewing n' craft stuff, plus exercise equip. in this one room with all the books. Well, the wind of change blew this way today and I realized something had to change, I need to give up something. I spent yrs. also collecting all my materials and most of it is vintage! I love my books and my sewing stuff! the exercise equip. is just needed, not so much loved! Up until a few months ago this wouldn't have been a problem for me, the sewing stuff would be out the door, I had lost all interest in sewing and crafting some ten or so yrs ago and focused more on reading and collecting books...believe me, the Lord blessed me abundantly with that interest!

I sit here in my little room now and looking over my shoulder I have book shelves filled with sewing and crafting material...I'm minus two book shelves to make room for my ironing board. After numerous trips to the out reach ministry donating thousands of books for their store and a day filled with tears of letting go, I have settled into this change. The quietness after the windstorm (and being this old!) I know before long I will have material and fabrics crammed in every nook and cranny of this little room! Lord truly blesses us even with change...


  1. Well hello first of all and thank you for stopping by and becoming a follower, I love when that happens:)
    Second I know exactly how you feel, I was an avid quilter but seem to have lots interest too maybe age I suppose as you say. But my sewing room is jam-packed with stuff!
    I'm sending you one of my links to the room so you can see for yourself my friend!

  2. and yet another...enjoy!